Day 1 Thursday 24 Oct 2019

7.45am Registrations

– Tea and coffee served

8.30am Welcome and Introduction

8.45am Dr James McKenna

– Re-emergence of breastsleeping to western industrialized societies: Historical, clinical, epigenetic and cross cultural implications

9.45am Lyndsey Hookway

– Sleep training: History, heresy and harms

10.45am Morning Tea

11.15am Carly Grubb

– Is my baby broken? How one baby who wouldn't be ignored sparked worldwide change

12.00pm Meghan Azad

– New guidelines and evolving evidence for infant feeding and food allergies

1.00pm Lunch

1.45pm Liz Minchin

– The 'other mother'

2.45pm Elly Taylor

– Becoming us: Including fathers/partners to support mental health and relationships

3.45pm Kimberly Seals Allers

– Speaking so you can be heard: Effective strategies for cross-cultural communication to dismantle breastfeeding barriers

4.45pm Close

Day 2 Friday 25 Oct 2019

8.30am Campbell Paul

– Family trauma in the early months: The distressed baby and infant parent psychotherapy

9.45am Rebecca Byrne

– Our obsession with infant growth charts may be fuelling childhood obesity

10.45am Morning Tea

11.15am Mark Nielsen

– Homogenous data collection in developmental psychology research: The nature of the problem and why we need to be thoughtful about the advice we give parents

12.15pm Kimberly Seals Allers

– Ethical community engagement in culturally and linguistically diverse communities

1.15pm Lunch

2.00pm Dr James McKenna

– Cultural history of infant sleep and feeding arrangements in western industrialized societies: The costs of privileging solitary infant sleep and breastmilk substitutes.

3.00pm Lyndsey Hookway

– Optimising sleep: The missing link in parenting support

4.00pm Panel Discussion

4.30pm Close






Broken Sleep? - Optional 3 Workshops

Choose 1 or all 3. Workshops must be booked separately.

Book a Workshop

Optional Workshop 1: Price $120

1.5 hrs   7:15am - 8:45am Friday morning 25 October 2019

Good Words: Writing for Social Change - With Kimberly Seals Allers

Do you want to develop your narrative voice and improve your writing skills as a tool to shift cultural norms, influence public opinion or advocate for change? Your words can do good! Learn from a five-time author, award-winning journalist and women's health advocate, whose commentaries received over 8 million page views last year. A former reporter at The Times, Kimberly is bringing her NYC writing masterclass to London for the first time! Whether you want to write commentaries, magazine articles or books--this one-day intensive course is for you.

Attendees receive:

  • A FREE 15-minute coaching session on-site
  • Access to a FREE group coaching call
  • Course Materials & Worksheets

Optional Workshop 2: Price $120

2 hrs   9:00am - 11.00am Saturday morning 25 October 2019

Becoming Us Seed Planting - With Elly Taylor

Learn how to plant powerful seeds for families to thrive.
Life is getting more and more complicated. This is one reason we are starting to see high stress levels, relationship concerns and Perinatal Mental Health conditions in early parenthood. The good news is there are ways to prepare and support parents to cope. The great news is there are ways to prepare and support parents to thrive. AND it's easier than you think! Come and meet Elly to find out how.

Becoming Us 2 hour Seed Planting Workshops
If you work with expecting or new parents in ANY professional capacity, you can learn how to plant powerful seeds that support mothers, fathers and partners to cope as individuals, pull together as a couple, and thrive as a family.

In this two hour interactive seminar you'll discover:

  • That while we call it the "transition into parenthood", there are actually more than eight (8!!!) major life transitions for mothers, fathers and families. You'll learn what these transitions are and how you can use them in your role.
  • How the research and evidence-based Becoming Us approach can support you to work with individuals, couples or groups in a whole-family way to navigate the different transitions of parenthood, reduce risks for PMH issues and relationship problems and support families to thrive.
  • New brain research into learning and relationships that can make all the difference in your work.
  • How to design and plant a 3 part 'Becoming Us' seed for parents to grow their love and you can see just how powerful this tool can be!

And the best bit? Seed planting only takes a moment for you - but can make a lifetime of difference for families. Elly would love to show you how.

Optional Workshop 3: Price $150

4 hrs   12:30pm - 4:30pm Saturday afternoon 25 October 2019

A practical approach to planning sleep strategies for families - With Lyndsey Hookway

In an ideal world, families would have the community, societal and familial resources to support them through the important first couple of years with their child without any sleep compromises being made. Yet the reality is that many parents are either unsupported, exhausted, burnt out or socially isolated. Having some practical but gentle sleep support strategies to hand can offer families hope,empowerment and encouragement.
Lyndsey Hookway; author of Holistic Sleep Coaching and the co-founder and clinical director of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program shares practical and instantly implementable sleep strategies that are protective of the breastfeeding relationship and supportive of attachment and optimal mental health.


  • How supporting parents antenatally can improve infant sleep and decrease cry-fuss behaviour after birth
  • Easy, gentle and effective ways to optimise sleep without compromising breastfeeding or attachment
  • Why sleep support can improve parenting self-efficacy and self esteem
  • How to tell whether a family needs encouragement, further practical support, or if this is a sleep crisis
  • How to support families in a sleep emergency
  • Handouts included

Consulting opportunity with Kimberly Seals Allers

Shift Strategies: Narrative Change & Strategic Communications
9.00am - 12.00pm Saturday 26th October 2019


Please contact Barb on 0488757334 or email to take advantage of this exclusive consulting opportunity for your health care facility or business.
The challenge of improving health outcomes and eliminating decades-long health disparities is not a health problem, but essentially a communications problem. Kimberly Seals Allers can accelerate programmatic outcomes and transform corporate culture by shifting how you talk about health and equity. Quite simply, we work for narrative change rooted in deep cultural engagement. Kimberly Can architect and execute narrative evolution strategies, increase organizational narrative building capacity and teach equitable story collection and dissemination tactics. Internal Communication Development: Advise on, build or enhance organizational communication eco-systems. Editorial Services & Content Development: Co-create thought leadership commentaries, develop multi-media content, write and edit website copy, newsletter content, white papers, ebooks, curricula and other content products.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations advised 30 days prior to the conference will receive a refund less $60 admin fee.
  • If you need to cancel your attendance you may change your registration to an online registration.
  • You may transfer your registration to another person, but you must advise us of this prior to the conference.
  • Please make sure you secure your registration for this conference before you book airfares and hotels. We cannot be responsible if the conference is sold out.